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A planned London vacation

A planned London vacation Posted by on Jan 27, 2014

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Visiting Dubai for the first time

Visiting Dubai for the first time Posted by on Jul 21, 2014

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3 unexpected things to do in the UK

3 unexpected things to do in the UK Posted by on Jul 10, 2014

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When transport becomes a tourist attract...

When transport becomes a tourist attraction Posted by on Sep 18, 2012

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How to have a stress free holiday

How to have a stress free holiday Posted by on Jul 4, 2014

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Visiting Dubai for the first time

Jul 21, 14 Visiting Dubai for the first time

My first visit to Dubai was amazing and the memory of it still holds a special place in my heart, but I have to admit that I barely made it there in the first place. Many people plan their trips to Dubai without knowing that they require a tourist visa to be allowed entrance and go through a shock when they discover this piece of information after they had already paid for the whole trip. Fortunately, tourist visas are rarely turned down especially after you paid for accommodation and the flight back. The same thing happened to me, but not because I had no idea about the visa requirement. I was aware of the fact that the UAE demands visas for entrance in their territory, but I also read somewhere that UK citizens will receive a visit visa on arrival that is available for 30 days with the possibility to extend the stay up to 60 days without needing to fill out any Dubai visa application form. I was already living and working in the UK for nine years and I was a holder of British Overseas Citizens Passport, so I did not worry about the visa anymore from that point on during the whole time I was preparing for my trip.

I still cannot believe my mistake. I like to check every detail about my future trips twice to ensure I will have a worries-free wonderful time while on vacation. I believe that checking everything minutely beforehand can save you lots of headaches once overseas, so I usually plan in advance. The slip I made when organizing my first trip to Dubai cost me lots of nerves the week before my departure was scheduled. I was discussing the last details on the phone with the travelling agency, when my agent asked me if I had my visa ready. I was taken aback at his lack of professionalism. If the travelling agency you work for specialises in planning trips to Dubai, why would you not know that UK citizens do not need a visa to enter the United Arab Emirates? However, the things he told me next were even more amazing. Apparently you had to have the right of abode in the UK to be allowed entrance without filling out the Dubai visa application form and having it processed by the UAE authorities.

This piece of news made me very nervous indeed, because there were less than seven days until my flight was scheduled and I risked not being able to go to Dubai at all. I avidly started to search for solutions and was disappointed to learn that some people had to wait for at least 10 days before their visa applications were approved. The happiness I felt in the beginning when I learned that usually tourist visas are easy to obtain fell apart immediately, because I was running out of time. I dreamed so much about visiting this beautiful city that I was set on fighting till the end, so I did not stop searching for a solution to the very end. My resolution paid off because I found a professional company that could obtain visas in less than five days. I immediately contacted them and they were indeed very efficient, they sent my visa after four days and this is how I was able to go to visit Dubai in the end.

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3 unexpected things to do in the UK

Jul 10, 14 3 unexpected things to do in the UK

Are you a fan of travelling abroad? Do you like to visit the popular and tourist filled destinations of the world but in a different and exciting manner? Regardless if you are an adventurous person by nature or you are simply tired of going to the same touristic spots as everyone else, there is a solution which you will certainly enjoy. This involves getting to know the less famous or more secluded and definitely amazing locations found in a country as well as enjoying them to the maximum. If planning a trip to the UK in the near future, here are some pointers and main tips to follow if you want to have a truly unforgettable holiday for all the members of the family or friends joining you on the adventure. It all starts with planning a couple of things to do outside the popular tourist itineraries. Here is our selection of three most unusual and amusing things to do in Great Britain, other than the average circuits which include London’s main attractions and other important focus points in the island.


One of the most amazing activities visitors expect to do in the gloomy UK is go sunbathing at the beach. Believe it or not, United Kingdom has some of the world most renowned beaches and hold key position in many charts of Europe’s best sandy beaches or most amazing views of the shoreline. A great example in this case is St. Ives in England with its golden shore and wide, fine sand beach which will appeal to even the pretentious summer lovers. Forget about travelling to tropical islands for a taste of the golden sands and breathtaking views and start looking towards some of England’s seaside destinations or other stunning beaches such as Tenby Harbour in Wales.


The second unexpected thing to do when travelling through the UK is to make a visit to one of the factories located there. Have you ever wanted to buy printed ribbons in the UK, but did not know where they were made? Britain is famous for its industrial and manufactory boost a long time ago and this tradition of having the best quality of goods is still present until this day. You will be amazed to see the large diversity of beautiful birthday or wedding ribbons sold here, as well as the unique bespoke solutions brought by the professional companies in the field of retail or wholesale ribbons. For a glimpse of this variety, take a look at one of the official websites of the specialized companies.


Last, but not least, why not take the little ones or even your partner on a journey will leave them all amazed and surprised. There is nothing more fun or inspiring than to see the childhood games and images brought to real life and this is exactly what most tourists feel when they visit the Hampton Court castle and its famous maze. Ranked as the most popular large scale hedge maze in the world, the Hampton Court maze stretches for a third of an acre and has over half a mile of intertwining paths for you to get lost in.

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How to have a stress free holiday

Jul 04, 14 How to have a stress free holiday

We all know that leaving on a holiday is usually a pleasant and relaxing experience, but what happens if you are more stressed about the holiday than by staying at home? Most people admit that the vacations they make either on their own or with the friends and family members are great once they get started, but there are certain moments which have totally ruined the fun for them in the previous years. But what if you were to know a way to relax on your trip and forget all about the worries and troubles that you encountered in your past voyages? Doesn’t that sound simply magnificent? There are many ways to accomplish this task and here is the best way to do it: use the Internet! Jokes aside, having a stable and constant connection to the Internet will allow you to solve issues in real time and reduce the likelihood of a black cloud of sadness to fall on your trip members.


Imagine the following situation: you are travelling by car to a distant and remote location or going from London to the exterior of the country to see the shoreline. Everyone goes to see the view and you all get locked outside the car! If you had a working connection to the web, you could simply go to an online platform such as and request a car key replacement team at your current location to make new keys for you on the spot. No fuss, no muss! Just a fast way of solving things in no time thanks to the large variety of professionals and specialized companies found online.


And there’s more! Think of the next stress creating scenario. You find yourself in the same situation as above, for the sake of arguing. You cannot access the Internet and resort to some phone numbers of companies doing car key replacements which are recommended by others. Not being able to search for additional offers and check out the competition, you follow the recommendation and call them to your location. Afterwards, guess what? They fix your problem, give you new keys and everything but ask for the sky in return! What can you do? It is not like sleeping under the stars is an option for you in that moment, so you give in and accept to work with them regardless of how preposterous their costs and financial demands are. What’s the answer? Again, going online and searching for a proficient and affordable provider of services out of the immense multitude you can find there. No more having to count on only one option! You will see how many firms request decent fees instead of exaggerate ones, if you search for them on the web.


In order to conclude, there are many tips which can be followed in order to ensure that your travels are fun and stress free, but one of the most important aspects that you need to consider is being ready for any possible situation and this means having a wide open channel of access to the Planet’ largest gathering place for service providers and companies: the online world and its multitude of dedicated professionals.



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Exploring the nightlife of Toronto

Jun 16, 14 Exploring the nightlife of Toronto

Toronto is one of the most beautiful cites in Canada and the destination of choice for people from all over the world. While many of them are attracted by everything there is to visit in this city, the younger crowd often wonders where to go for drinks in Toronto. Fortunately for them this city will not disappointed them, as there are many bars and clubs in Toronto where they will have a lot of fun with their friends. This city offers its visitors everything they need to have a good time. It is the perfect combination of culture and entertainment, which is why people of all ages choose to visit it. While during the day there are plenty of museums to visit, during the night various establishments come to life, offering Toronto visitors the chance to have an unforgettable time.

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A planned London vacation

Jan 27, 14 A planned London vacation

London is a must see destination, no doubt about it. Not only that, but London is the kind of city you want to see more than once or even more than twice, every time having something different and more to offer and never failing you. However, if you are thinking about taking your first trip to London, there is one important decision you have to make: do you plan the vacation step by step or do you go with the flow? There are advantages and disadvantages for both case scenarios and this is not an easy decision to make.

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Should you rent or buy your diving equipment?

Dec 09, 13 Should you rent or buy your diving equipment?

No matter if you do it for fun or as a job, diving is one of the most exciting activities that you can experience. However, in order to fully enjoy it, you have to keep in mind several practical things, the most important of which being the gear. Without the proper equipment, diving itself would be impossible, so it goes without saying that before you start you have to think about what you will wear. After you’ve consulted several reliable sources and you’ve decided what you should take with you underwater, it’s time to pass to another important matter, which is deciding between buying or renting. Depending on your level of experience and financial possibilities, both of these options could be right. So, if you see the famous xDeep sidemount in an online store, should you purchase it or just stick with whatever your provider rents?

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Discovering Vietnam

Oct 22, 13 Discovering Vietnam

Traveling should be an exciting experience, one that challenges the viewer. Traveling should relax the viewer, give him a chance to leave his worries and problems back home and see the world with different eyes. It is said that only past experiences can dictate the manner in which you built the future. If this saying were true, then traveling should be an activity that brings wisdom and knowledge, helping the viewer grow. If you choose to understand traveling as more of a learning experience rather than a relaxation opportunity, a destination which speaks a lot of history, strength and traditions is Vietnam. Much like Thailand, Vietnam brings a natural, virgin beauty to the table, one that immediately convinces travelers.

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Corfu – an island of endless beauty

Oct 21, 13 Corfu – an island of endless beauty

Greece is a destination for nature lovers, for those who enjoy the gentle breeze of an amazingly blue sea, for those longing for a peaceful time under a shade-giving pine tree. Greece is synonymous with breathtaking scenery, unspoiled countryside, hospitality and generosity and in general is an ideal retreat when in search of escaping the mundane tumultuous life.

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5 things you should not miss when visiting New York

Oct 08, 13 5 things you should not miss when visiting New York

New York is probably one of the most famous cities in the world, where ethnic diversity and economic power blend together in a perfect mix. Luxury hotels, some of the largest skyscrapers in the world and famous museums, this is truly a city where you can always find something new to see but, for those who only plan to spend a few days in The Big Apple, here are a few places that they should definitely not miss.

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Follow the “Love trail” in romantic Italian Cinque Terre villages

Oct 04, 13 Follow the “Love trail” in romantic Italian Cinque Terre villages

The Cinque Terre hillsides, coastline and surrounding National Park have been included in the UNESCO World Heritage list, as a testimony to its beauty and uniqueness all over the globe. This touristic spot is made up of 5 villages that cling on to the sides of the rocks, hovering over the portion where the Ligurian Sea meets the steep mountains sides. The sight is as amazing for us today as it was in the past when these remarkable constructions were built out of necessity by the local fisherman who wanted to have settlements on the shoreline. The way they constructed their houses, piled one on top of another, in a terrain with an extremely inclined angle and facing the full power of the Mediterranean storms, is absolutely breath-taking. Add to that the Italian spirit of joy and happiness and the facades had to be vividly colored and embellished with a large variety of fishing inspired items and craftsmen’s objects. Attracting tourists all over the world in this romantic and rugged landscape, the allure and fame of Cinque Terre National Park is well deserved.

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Apps for luxury travellers

Oct 02, 13 Apps for luxury travellers

As the market for high class travel continues to expand, providing exceptional resorts, VIP service and exciting experiences, customers are looking for their next fix; a way to bring their luxury lifestyle along for the ride. Gone are the days of folding maps, train schedules and French dictionaries, in 2013 all a traveller needs is a smart phone. So whether you are backpacking across Europe or enjoying a luxury villa in Bali, before you jet off this summer, take the time to browse through the best of this season’s bespoke apps to tend to your every need.

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The Historians: Thailand Bucket List

Oct 02, 13 The Historians: Thailand Bucket List

Thailand, formerly known as Siam, is a deeply spiritual country located at the centre of the Indochina peninsula. The land is home to a myriad of styles and cultures from the quiet buddhist schools of the Ratchaburi province to the luxury hotels in Chiang Mai. Its beautiful landscape boasts calm beaches, rich Asian culture and an abundance of famous attractions, highlighting the devout Buddhist religion. Thailand’s turbulent history of prosperity, conflict and disaster is told through stunning ancient temples and landmarks, awaiting any historian enthusiast’s discovery.

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We live in a world where fashion, presentation and style are becoming an increasingly important and definitive form of expression for every individual. Whether for a nice treat, or to totally revamp one’s being, anyone can go wild in a store that speaks to them on a personal level, so finding the very best place to go shopping is a vital part of planning your trip. The world is wide, and every corner of the globe offers something we’ve never seen before from mud huts in Botswana to beachfront luxury real estate in St Lucia. Many cities have become renowned for their incredible shopping districts, and here we whittle it down to six sensational destinations.

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Enjoy the Natural Beauty of the Bahamas

Sep 18, 13 Enjoy the Natural Beauty of the Bahamas

Situated just 50 miles off the coast of Florida, the Bahamas is an ocean playground consisting of over 700 separate islands, fringed by pristine beaches that lead down into crystal-clear blue waters. Ecotourists, families, couples and sports fanatics will all find something of interest here – whether it is a romantic getaway, lazy days on the beach, fantastic shopping or exhilarating water sports.

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