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Traveling to Newcastle on a budget

Traveling to Newcastle on a budget Posted by on Jan 3, 2017

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Reasons why the 2017 Kia Niro is perfect...

Reasons why the 2017 Kia Niro is perfect for camping Posted by on Jun 9, 2017

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Checklist for your next Nozawa Onsen trip Posted by on Jul 15, 2016

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Travelling to Bulgaria – things to...

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Tips for a bachelorette party to remembe...

Tips for a bachelorette party to remember Posted by on Jul 19, 2017

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Tips for a bachelorette party to remember

Jul 19, 17 Tips for a bachelorette party to remember

Your best friend is getting married and you have absolutely no idea how to organise a bachelorette party that she won’t be able to forget? Well, there are a few things you can take into consideration when the right time approaches and ideas need to come pretty fast. Hen nights in Newcastle are being known for their wildness and amazing atmosphere, so travelling around a little won’t hurt. Thinking about new locations to explore while the bride and the bridesmaids enjoy such party is essential for getting the best out of it. Here are some tips for organising a bachelorette party to remember:



First thing first, you need to look around for places to travel to in order to set the hen night. Staying in your home city in the same pubs and clubs you used to hang out with the bride and the other bridesmaids will become boring after an hour or two. That’s why looking for nearby places to visit with your dearest friends in this special night will do the magic. Plus, whatever happens in the city you’ll be visiting will remain in that city. It means that everything you do will become a secret you will keep to your graves, ladies. This will help you get out of that routine and do something new without any limitations. Being shy does not have a place in this and a different location will help you get rid of any moral constraint you may have. The bride will surely be happy with the decision too.


You need to prepare a list of games wedding related that you can play together. The examples are numerous and the rules for such games are usually extremely easy to follow. For instance, try playing a memory game. All you have to do is give everyone a post-it note and a pen. Each participant should write down a sweet or embarrassing memory they have with the bride. When everyone did that, the post-it notes should be placed on a table and the bride needs to read them one by one and guess who wrote it. It would be nice to keep the post-it notes as a keepsake for the bride. Later on she will remember it and laugh about it. A hen party would be no fun without a Dress the Bride game. It involves splitting the participants into two groups and giving them a collection of random items to throw on the bride. Try glitter, necklaces, veils and feathers. Don’t forget about taking lots of pictures.


A detail that cannot be missed is food. Choosing hen-night themed foods that fit with the party’s aesthetics would be great. Candy bars are really popular these days and writing a message on some colourful cupcakes will have a great impact on the hen night participants. We all know women love candies, no matter their type, so why not fructifying this for once, for a special moment. Create memories you won’t forget any sooner.

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Reasons why the 2017 Kia Niro is perfect for camping

Jun 09, 17 Reasons why the 2017 Kia Niro is perfect for camping

Holidays are one of the most appreciated escapes from the daily stress and monotony. Camping is an activity that many people choose in order to relax, feel free and spend more time outdoors, in nature. In order to have a good time, you need count on the right car that can be suitable for long road trips and be able to guarantee comfort and usefulness.  The 2017 Kia Niro is the perfect vehicle in this case and you will see why.



It is practical and confortable

The interior of the 2017 Kia Niro is designed to make you feel relaxed and enjoy every time you use it. Its style is clean, simple and wide, just perfect to find easily anything you need. Besides, this hybrid delivers unique driving dynamics. It is suitable for long road trips making the driver and the passengers feel comfortable, but also for every-day use.

Attractive exterior

Let’s be honest, even if a car is equipped with every possible modern systems, or it has the most comfortable and practical interior, usually what we see is what attracts us first. The Kia Niro has a smart aerodynamic design. There are six available color options and few of them are red, silver and black.

It guarantees your safety

Safety is one of the most important things one must take into account when purchasing a vehicle. It is important to know that no matter where you go, you can rely on your vehicle too to prevent any accidents. This is why the 2017 Kia Niro includes devices like forward collision warning system, traction control system, blind-spot monitor, rear cross-traffic monitor and others.

Additional positive features

You should know that it does not matter what season it is because this hybrid offers you the best conditions. It includes ventilated and heated seats and heated steering wheel fit for summer and winter. Soft, quality leather wraps the steering wheel. The trunk is large enough to store different things and another important thing is that the Kia Niro offers excellent fuel economy.

The utility and the superior quality of the 2017 Kia Nero are unquestionable. It is a perfect car for long road trips. If you want to go camping, you can store many things inside it, and feel comfortable and relaxed until you get to your destination. A good car that will not fail you is a very important element that helps you enjoy your holiday and have a good time.

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Travelling to Croatia for the first time? – follow the tips

Apr 05, 17 Travelling to Croatia for the first time? – follow the tips

You do not have any clue which your next holiday destination is going to be, do you? Why do not you try Croatia? In case you have not been here before, there are some tips that we would like to offer you, in order to make sure that you are going to enjoy your holiday experience. Here they are.

Say no to a hotel room and yes to renting a house

If you have not been to Croatia before, you should know that searching for Croatia houses to rent is a more convenient alternative, especially if you plan to travel with your whole family. In fact, experts recommend you to do so, due to the fact that this destination is definitely a family-friendly one.

Rent a house…but make the difference between a reliable agency and one that is not

There are many agencies which offer tempting promotions when it comes to a holiday in Croatia, but not all of them are a reliable alternative. Thus, we highly recommend searching for reviews. There are many people who are very supportive when it comes to going on vacation and who offer you some reliable pieces of advice. But, you also have to check many reviews in order to see if they are reliable or not. For example, in the last period, MyDalmatia is a travel agency which has increased its popularity a lot, thanks to its high-quality services.

Take more than a few days off for visiting this country

In order to visit this amazing country you need more than a couple of days. Thus, we highly recommend booking a reservation for at least a week, in order to make sure that you have plenty of time for relaxing, having fun and visiting all the amazing places which may seem like some small corners of heaven.

Sail the High Seas

After you rent a house in Croatia and also book your plane tickets, you should start putting down on a list the places that you would like to visit. You may start with the fact that Croatia is a country which has more than 1,000 islands and also one of the most beautiful archipelagos in the Europe. Thus, if you have the chance to travel there, you should also think about sailing along the coasts. But this is not all. You also need to visit at least one of the eight national parks of this country, while you are on vacation. This is also an alternative that your children are going to love. They will have the chance to learn something about nature and also to enjoy some fresh air.

Enjoy the local food

Have you heard about konoba? In case you have not, you should try it because it is definitely something that will treat your taste buds. It is said that the famous chefs from Dalmatia are the best when it comes to grilling the fish. Thus, you will definitely love this type of food which is based on fish and black risotto.

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Should you consider taking a river cruise?

Mar 21, 17 Should you consider taking a river cruise?

River cruises have become a popular option for travellers who desire to try out new experience during their holidays. If you want to discover a new form of relaxation, and skip the traditional beach holiday this year, then perhaps you should think more about taking a Mekong river cruise. What is it so special about this place, and what makes this experience worth trying? Well, the following information will help you understand the popularity of Mekong cruises, and perhaps make you eager to discover the excitement of a river cruise yourself.


Experiencing the countryside in Cambodia and Vietnam

You probably know by now that Vietnam and Cambodia are rich in culture, being popular destinations among tourists. However, the countryside is often neglected, despite the many wonderful things it has to offer. A Mekong river cruise will allow you to experience the insights of Vietnamese and Cambodian countryside. You will have the opportunity to see what the life of locals looks like, to discover their amazing culture and customs, and enjoy the unique and historical-rich sights. If you have never visited these parts of the world before, then you should consider doing it at least once in your life. During your cruise, you will discover a new place every day, and partake in various fulfilling activities. A cruise on this particular river will be something you have never experienced before, and leaving with some unique memories is a guarantee.

Adventure and luxury combined

If you want to your holidays to be luxurious, but at the same time you enjoy partaking in adventures, then a river cruise is the perfect vacation for you. While you will be benefiting from luxury and comfort during sail, you will also have the possibility of exploring some breathtaking places, which can open you the gates to memorable adventures.  A river cruise, such as the Mekong one, will give the word holiday new meanings, meeting your desires of combining your thirst for adventure with your need of comfort.

The perfect way to relieve stress

Last but not least, a river cruise can be a great way of escaping stress. Because this type of vacation is rich in captivating activities, you will not have the time to think about any personal or work related problems. A holiday of this kind will give you the chance to take your mind of stress, and enjoy yourself completely. After spending a few days on the cruise, you will go back home with your batteries fully charged.

If you are interested in a vacation that is far from ordinary, than a cruise on the Mekong river will not disappoint you. If you research the topic, and learn about other tourists’ experiences with this type of cruise, you will be persuaded into giving this option a try for yourself. River cruises are excellent stress relievers in general, and the Mekong river will not only allow you to relax, but to discover some amazing sights as well. After the cruise, your cultural knowledge will have been enriched and you will remain with some great memories.

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Brighton city break – Handy Guide for all travel lovers

Feb 16, 17 Brighton city break – Handy Guide for all travel lovers

The crowd of people choosing to visit this city all year around should give you the answer to the question “Why this city?”. Also, cosmopolitan by definition this is the perfect destination for a fun, sparkly city break. However, if you are not sure what should you know before your small vacation, we have a handy guide for you, from choosing the right Brighton to Heathrow taxi, to things to de while in city, and how to accommodate perfectly. Bear with us, because you need all these pieces of information.


1. Book a fast and exquisite ride from and to the airport

Being a city break, you want to make sure you profit from every minute in your trip. Because of this reason, instead of choosing a regular taxi ride, make sure you book an exquisite ride with a company specialised in long distance rides. They can offer what regular taxi companies cannot, efficiency and fair prices, as well perfect services. With the possibility to book a ride both via telephone and online, you have permanent access to their services, regardless of you location. These companies generally have a fleet of great vehicles, maintained in perfect condition, so their clients can enjoy a comfortable and fast ride. Also, their care for customer is stunning, all chauffeurs being well-educated and polite. Their payment policy includes both cash and debit card payment, and you can do it in advance to confirm your ride, or during the ride day. Using these services, you can be sure you will arrive at the airport with at least an hour before your flight, just to have your peace of mind.

Find treasures around the city

Yes, not only Brighton is the perfect city for entertainment purposes, but it also offers to all its visitors the possibility to antique shop for rare treasures. A custom for Brightoninas, antique hunting in Kempton or the North lane is a delight for all vintage lovers and not only. Who knows on what rare valuable you might stumble upon? Sidney Street and Harlequin are great places to start from, and luckily, you can find anything there, from Victorian antiques, to records and other odd things from different eras.

Time to educate yourself

Because this city has so much to offer to all its visitors, make sure you check on your list the Royal Pavilion and the Brighton Museum. The Royal Pavilion was built in the 18th century for George IV, and it pretty much resembles a megastructure from the Indian culture. And if you want to bring back a small fraction of your childhood, make sure you visit the Brighton Toy and Models Museum. It gathers pieces from different eras, and it has two extensive working models of railroads! Also, the number of pieces is impressive: 10,000 items so far!

There are plenty of things to do while in Brighton! Make sure you organise your time well to fully profit from them!

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Travelling to Bulgaria – things to consider

Jan 30, 17 Travelling to Bulgaria – things to consider



Have you been to Bulgaria before? If you have not, it is time to put in on your bucket list because this country has increased a lot its touristic potential. However, if you ask why, there are many things that you should know about this country and we have prepared you a small list with the most important of them. But, firstly, there are some things that you should take into consideration when you organise your first trip to Bulgaria. Here they are.

Things to consider when you travel to Bulgaria for the first time

Do not forget to take care of airport transfer. According to tourists, one of the most annoying things is arriving to the airport and finding out that you should wait a lot for a taxi. As mentioned before, because the number of people, who choose visiting Bulgaria, is constantly increasing every year, finding a vehicle to come and pick you up from the airport can be a real challenge. Things can be even more difficult, if you want to find a car to take you from Sofia to Sunny Beach. Therefore, try to look for a Sofia to Sunny Beach Transfer and make your reservation on time.

Moreover, you should also pack your things wisely. If you decide to go to Sunny Beach, do not forget your swimming suit and also the sunblock lotion which can protect you for burning your skin. When it comes to accommodation, it is better to ask for the services of travel agency.

Some things to know about Bulgaria:

Bulgaria is a top destination for tourists thanks to its beautiful beaches. Also, the affordable prices are the strength of this Balkan destination. Those who have tried this thing before claim that nothing is more beautiful than a day spend on the beach, a place where you can relax while you are enjoying the golden sand and the crystal clear water. In case you do not like spending your day on the sun, you can go to mountains and enjoy the fresh air. Among the most popular Bulgarian mountain resorts, you can try Bansko, Pomporovo or Vitosha. They also offer you excellent ski condition, in case you decide to travel during winter.

Another important aspect which is highly appreciated about tourists who come here for the first time is the local cuisine. If you travel to Bulgaria, you can try a special type of cold soup made of yogurt, cucumbers and garlic. It is called “trator” and you can enjoy it can be found in many restaurants during the summer season. Last but not least, if you decide to take some souvenirs for your friends, you should definitely think about the small bottles of rose oil which can be real miracle for their skin.


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Traveling to Newcastle on a budget

Jan 03, 17 Traveling to Newcastle on a budget


England is an interesting destination having lots to offer tourists. You have history, culture, fine dinning, fashion and the list could go on forever. Because traveling means discovering the world, staying in 5 star hotels and looking down at the world from your balcony might not be the best of ideas. Traveling means discovering the world, seeing what regular people are like. In fact, if you think about it, budget trips are often the most rewarding ones. You don’t waste time thinking about where to eat, which fancy restaurant to choose and instead, you go right ahead and savour a meal right there on the street, looking towards Tyne Bridge.  So, if you are in for an experience, here are three ideas on how to plan a trip to Newcastle on a budget.

Finding cheap accommodation

You could search the dedicated market to see if you can find any cheap hotels. However, if all options are much above your budget, you could consider hostels. A traveling secret is looking at shared house student accommodation in Newcastle. If you have a friend that studies here, you could ask him or her to let you stay a few days. At the same time, students welcome tourists during the summer, when they are not at school. Try looking online to see if you can find such options worth considering.

Buy traveling passes

Traveling is about visiting, but in most cases, this part of you trip is often the most expensive. What you can do to save money is to buy traveling passes. These offer you the opportunity to visit a lot of touristic attractions, at lower prices. You can purchase a pass that is valid for a fixed number of days and in that time, you can visit a lot of attractions. Since you bought the pass before going on your trip, your budget will not be affected in any way.

Eating habits

If you think about it, you tend to waste a lot of money on food as well when traveling. Usually, travellers head out to the nearest restaurant when they are hungry, paying a lot in the end. What you could instead is take a trip to several supermarkets and do the grocery shopping. This way, you could be saving a lot of money. You could make sandwiches, heat up precooked meals if you have a microwave in your room and so on. You might even notice that if you are thirsty and decide to buy a bottle of water from the restaurant its price might be double than in the supermarket. The water, however, is the same.


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Tips for a holiday in a sports camp

Dec 15, 16 Tips for a holiday in a sports camp

Living in times when it is so difficult to keep fit especially for children, who are surrounded by so many temptations, a sport camp or sport centre is exactly what you should definitely consider. Not to mention the fact that in Australia there are places which are dedicated to both kids and adults. But, before packing your things and going to such place, read our list with useful tips.



Useful tips for luggage and accommodation:


  • Choose your location wisely. As it was said before, there are many places, but our top recommendation is Gold Coast. This is the favourite choice of those who are interested in finding one of the best medicine clinics too. The clinic is dedicated to general public and people can receive the same services as athletes from the elite class. Moreover, last year the sport centre from this location was visited by more 8000 students.
  • Accommodation can highly influence your mood. This means that if you are not careful, you can choose something which does not raise you expectations. But do not worry! There is a solution: try Gold Coast Group Accommodation, a place where you can benefit from the best and forget about those locations where you should bring your own linen.
  • Good quality sport clothes. Choose some which let your skin “breathe”. Those which are made by synthetic fabrics can cause you allergies or make you feel uncomfortable while you are doing your sport activities. Moreover, bear in mind the fact that your sport shoes can affect your legs if they are not good enough.
  • Lotion for protection against sun. Due to the fact that the majority of activities are done outside, you would need some lotion which helps you not getting burnt.

Benefits of a sport camp:


Losing weight. This is the main reason why people decide to join a sport camp. But the main difference is that they not only get rid of kilos, but also they do that in a fun way. Or even if weight is not a problem for you, you can choose to join a sport camp for keeping fit.


Feeling better. Sport activities not only help you looking good, but also they prove a good way of improving your mood. For example, if you have been through a depressive period because of all of your problems, you can get rid of it by doing sport. Sport is also an alternative for stress. Therefore, when you feel that it is too much for you to handle, you can take a week off and go to a sport centre.


Socialising. What is more, you can consider a sport centre or a camp as a place where you take your friends or family and you can have a lot of fun by doing physical activities. On the other hand, if you cannot find good companion, you can go on your own and find there some persons to socialise with. Maybe you can build some strong relations or you can just spend your time.


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What makes Ketchikan Alaska worth exploring?

Nov 21, 16 What makes Ketchikan Alaska worth exploring?

If you want to try out something different for your next holiday, then choosing a unique location such as Ketchikan Alaska, could be a great idea. If you have never visited Alaska before, you are probably wondering if this is the best location to choose. Well, you should know that Ketchikan has many great things to offer, and exploring its surrounding will certainly give you the opporutintiy to remain with some memorable moments. Moreover, it will be extremely easy to find a great accommodation, with so many Ketchikan lodging options available. Here are the main reasons why you need to consider choosing this location as your next holiday destination:


Breathtaking natural sights

The amazing surroundings of this city are certainly ones that will take the breath away of any tourist. If you want your next vacation to be one that gets you in touch with nature, then you will not regret choosing this option. The views are amazing, and every corner of the city has some incredible natural sights to offer. Any holiday should be about relaxation and spending as much time as possible outdoors, and in Ketchikan, you will not have the even a chance to get bored, because you will be constantly captivated by the view.

A wide range of attractions and fun activities

From visiting the Potlatch Totem Park and exploring the Creek street to going on a rainforest excursion or on the famous zipline adventure, there is a wide list of things to do in Ketchikan. The city has many great attractions waiting for you, and there are numerous outdoor activities organized on a daily basis. You will have something spectacular and exciting to do every single day, and if you take your camera with you, you can capture some amazing photographs. Give this city the opportunity to amaze you, and you will not be disappointed in what it will offer you.

Great accommodation options

Last but not least, Ketchikan can put at your disposal some excellent accommodation options. Although this detail may not seem so relevant, you probably know that the hotel you stay during a vacation can truly influence the overall experience. Well, in this location you will have plenty of alternatives to choose from, ones that will provide you with the level of comfort you desire, while not exceeding your budget. You will be surprised how affordable this trip can turn out to be. You will leave this location enriched with many spectacular memories, so not hesitate to give this destination a try.

Considering all of these things, now you can see why Ketchikan Alaska is such a great option for a holiday destination. Make your next vacation a bit more special, and choose this location. Without any doubts, you will love exploring the area, and you will create some wonderful memories. Regardless if you will be accompanied by your family, friends or partner, each one of you will have a great time, and you will see that this trip will make you want to return.

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Get ready for the road – replace the shower head in your motorhome

Oct 19, 16 Get ready for the road – replace the shower head in your motorhome

Are you ready for a new trip? You might have planned the itinerary for your caravan trip for a while, and you know exactly where you have to be, and when, but you might have forgotten to check in which state the appliances are in before actually departing. It is important to be prepared to leave home, and what other way of doing this, than doing a full check of the motorhome. Before leaving, think about what you will be using regularly, including the shower and other appliances, and see if they need to be replaced.. In case you notice that the shower head does not work properly, you should consider changing it with a new Jetstorm shower head. Imagine not enjoying your shower time, it would ruin your day, and hinder your chances of having fun. And only imagine staying for a few weeks in a caravan where you are not able to shower properly.

Damaged shower head? Consider a budget for a new one


You might think that before going in a trip, you do not have money to spend on a new shower head, but you should not ignore replacing it. Consider your budget twice, and focus your search on online stores, because they usually list their products at affordable prices. You do not have to buy a designer shower head, but it is important the provider you choose is considered reliable, and has experience on the market.

Check the customer ratings of the model you choose

Nowadays you have access to a large amount of feedback online, so if you do not know what model of shower head you should buy, or which provider offers reliable products, you should consider reading some of the reviews published online. Professionals who have tested these items write some of the reviews, but many are written by customers, who are willing to share their experience with others. You should check the ratings of the products before ordering a certain model, because if you choose to invest in one, you have to be sure that it is functional, and you will not encountered any issues.

What features do you need for a caravan shower head?

Keep in mind that you are going on a trip, so you will not be spending an hour in the shower. But, take into account you needs and desires which you should consider when choosing the features of a shower head. With a high budget, you can afford to invest in a product with a wide variety of settings. If variety is not what you are looking for, you should opt for a more basic model. Do not pay extra for a feature you will not use, so before ordering the shower head make sure that you check the features it has, and that they will all be used.


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Why Notting Hill should be your next travel destination

Aug 25, 16 Why Notting Hill should be your next travel destination

You might have heard about Notting Hill from the eponymous movie made in 1999. Hugh Grand and Julia Roberts influenced the market of real estates in the area, and if you are interested in buying here you would notice that the value of the properties is quite high. Notting Hill is the perfect place to visit if you are a film lover, because you have plenty of options when it comes to cinemas. Even if some people might say that the fame of this London district is due to the film, when visiting it, you would notice that its beauty is actually the one that attracts more and more people every year. If you are planning to take a walking tour in Notting Hill, you should consider some essential aspects, if you want to be sure that you would have the best trip in your life.


Notting Hill is a lot more than Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant

You should not be tricked by the wrong impression that when arriving there you would see the same things you have seen in the movie. Firstly, the years passed and many things have changed. Now you can discover here great bars and restaurants, high-end shopping, a wonderful nightlife, and one of the best markets from London. Notting Hill is not one of the fanciest districts from London, and it is seen as one of the most fashionable and comfortable places to visit and live.

When should you visit Notting Hill

Notting Hill is great to visit any time of the year, but many tourists recommend visiting it during the carnival. The carnival takes place in Sunday 30th and Monday 31th August, every year, so you have the possibility to plan your trip in time. You would notice that in this period the district comes alive with Caribbean music, colours, food, dancing and vibes. This event celebrates the Afro-Caribbean culture, and it is seen as one of the most popular events of the year. Do not forget to add in your bag some glitter and feathers, because they are a must during the carnival. This carnival is actually the second largest street festival, so if your budget does not allow you to travel to Rio, you should consider this option.

Do not forget to read some online guides if you plan to visit Notting Hill and London, because you have to be sure that you check every activity from the must do and see list.

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Keep this in mind before going to Turks and Caicos

Jul 15, 16 Keep this in mind before going to Turks and Caicos

Holiday is close, and you have to decide upon this year’s destination. There are many places you can visit, but if you take a look at the reviews left by the other tourists, you would notice that every one of them stated that they had a wonderful experiences while being in Turks and Caicos. You might not heard too many details about this destination, but it is essential to know that it is located in the North Atlantic, and is formed from two main island groups, according to its name. The majority of people are choosing this destination because they like to take part to deep sea fishing Turks & Caicos. However, there are many things to see and do in this region, so you should be informed. Before heading to Turks and Caicos, it is advisable to keep some simple things in mind, if you want to have a great trip.


As these islands are located in the North Atlantic, you might not know too many things about the climate of this region. Well, it features a tropical climate, and depending on the time of the year you choose to visit this region, there might even be hurricanes. This is an aspect you should consider if you want to go to the islands in the hurricane seasons, which lasts from June to November. Tourists use to come here in the winter season, from November to March. In case you choose to visit the islands during the winter season, you would be able to participate to all the activities and tours, because they are organised mainly during these months.

Deep Sea Fishing

Everyone who comes in a holiday in Turks and Caicos wants to try deep sea fishing. This is one of the activities you can practice all year round in the islands, because they offer all the conditions required for this sport. In case you are interested in the big fishing game, you should book in time a charter to facilitate you the travel to the sea, because if you consider that you will be able to find one, while being there, you might have an unpleasant surprise. Also, it is advisable to book the charter in time, because you are able to do some research and find one which is fully equipped, because you might not want to bring all your equipment from home.

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Checklist for your next Nozawa Onsen trip

Jul 15, 16 Checklist for your next Nozawa Onsen trip

If you have not planned yet your next holiday, you should definitely consider Japan or more exactly Nozawa Onsen. It is commonly known that Japan is a resourceful country that provides not only outstanding sceneries and landscapes, but also fun activities to do and other tourist attractions that should definitely be included in the itinerary. Planning a trip to Japan is not as difficult as it seems at first look, especially if you start with a checklist and add on it things such as accommodation in Nozawa Onsen, and the best tourist attractions.

Selecting the right accommodation

One of the first things you have to handle if you have decided to plan your next trip to Japan is to look for proper accommodation and what other better place to seek for an apartment for rent if not the internet. Do some detailed research online on the numerous online platforms that provide rental services in this region, since there is a wide variety of such websites. Use the search filters available on these websites, such as the price, the exact date, or whether you prefer an apartment closer to a specific tourist attraction or not, and select the accommodation that best suits your needs and budget. It is important to know that you can find apartments for rent in Nozawa Onsen that can fit any budget, so you do not have to worry about this aspect.

Most popular tourist attractions

Before going to this part of Japan, you should inform well regarding the most popular and beautiful tourist attractions that under no circumstances should they miss from your list. One of the things that should be included in your itinerary is seeing the famous Japan snow moneys in their natural habitat, so make sure you ask locals about these monkeys as soon as you arrive there. Another place that should not be missed are the Soto-Yu locations, which in Japanese means “public hot spring baths” and one of the bathhouses that has made this region quite popular is O-Yu. The Fire Festival is another reason why you should not miss Nozawa Onsen. The festival usually takes place in winter and is the biggest event that happens in the region over the year, not to mention that the combination of snow and fire is the one that attracts so many visitors every year. In the winter, you can also benefit from some of the most amazing and well-maintained ski resorts in the country as well.

What to consider before going

After you have found the right accommodation for you, there are other things you should take into account before actually going to Japan. Make sure all your documents, such as your ID card and passport are still available in order to avoid any unpleasant situations from happening. As soon as you arrive there, you should not get nervous if you see people on the street wearing surgical masks, since this does not mean there are diseases going around. The reasons why they may wear those masks is that they want to avoid catching a cold or want to protect others from catching a cold.


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Why is Split, Croatia, an amazing choice for your holiday?

May 24, 16 Why is Split, Croatia, an amazing choice for your holiday?

Thinking about visiting an unusual yet beautiful place on your next holiday? Then you should definitely try Split, Croatia. Situated on the Dalmatian coast of the country, this destination has gained more and more popularity in the past years since it provides its visitors with amazing natural landscapes and plenty of leisure activities. He crystalline blue waters and the breathtaking land forms are perfect for those who love a lazy afternoon on the beach, but also thrilling hikes and water sports. The second largest city of the country, Split is well known for its fortress like atmosphere and its position near the Adriatic Sea. As a matter of fact, this hidden treasure of Dalmatia has something to offer to anyone who comes to spend some time here. So, whether you are a fan of chill activities or entertaining itineraries, this destination is perfect for you.


Taste the genuineness of the area

Being the largest city of Dalmatia, Split is probably the most representative one for this area. Centered on the Roman Palace of the Emperor Diocletian, the entire establishment has a picturesque atmosphere, keeping part of its ancient charm. So, if you have been dreaming about experiencing Dalmatian life exactly as it is lived by the locals, you will be fascinated as soon as you put your feet in this city. People are extremely welcoming and friendly to tourists, and hey will be happy to help you with directions and even information you could not find out otherwise. Always extremely vivid and buzzing, the exuberant Split will make you think you are in a fairy tale landscape that has been brought to life. Needless to say, the balance between modernity and tradition is perfect. You can visit Diocletian’s Palace, an impressive Roman monument and famous Unesco World Heritage site, and admire old walls where Dalmatian life has been going on for ages.


Experience the relief and water activities

Besides the incredible culture display and authentic ancient atmosphere, what is actually incredible in Split is the multitude of activities you can choose from. Those who are passionate about water sports and activities will find the city the ideal destination for their holidays. Rent a boat charter Trogir and sail away on the azure waters that will take your breath away. The dramatic coastal mountains are quite a sight to see from offshore, so do not miss them under any circumstances.


Enjoy great facilities

Whether you choose to stay in a luxurious hotels (yes, there are plenty of these in Split), a bed & breakfast establishment or at a local’s house, Split offers tourists great facilities. The combination between modernity and traditionalism is actually perfect. While you can wander around on ancient streets all day long, during the night you can come back to your comfortable completely equipped hotel room, or enjoy a sophisticated restaurant on the beach. There are multiple bars, cafes, shopping centers and stores that you can visit, not to mention the spas and other relaxation spots. The city is alive at any time, awaiting its tourists!


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Choosing a Bed & Breakfast Inn – things to consider  

Apr 04, 16 Choosing a Bed & Breakfast Inn – things to consider  

If you are planning a trip and cannot decide between staying at a B&B or at a hotel, then you should know that in terms of comfort and costs, a bed and breakfast inn will always be a better idea. Because when it comes to Bristol Bed & Breakfast, there are so many options to choose from, there are a few things you should keep in mind before making a decision. If you want to enjoy your stay to the fullest, then make sure you consider a few details. Here are a few guidelines on how to choose the best B&B.


Probably the most important detail to check is the price. Contact the particular inn and find out the costs and what services are included in the price. If you desire to benefit from increased comfort, then you should be willing to pay some extra money. Although, staying at a B&B instead of a hotel can be just as costly, some guest houses can provide you with special offers and a more enjoyable and relaxing experience.

Comfort and amenities

Staying at a B&B inn is a unique experience, and this is why so many people replace the common hotels with this type of guest houses. However, it is important to check out all the details before booking a room. Inform yourself regarding the comfort provided by the particular house and see if it they meet your needs and desire. See what room facilities you will be provided with and only then you can feel safe to make a decision. Also, another aspect to consider are the complementary services you can benefit from, such as Wi-Fi or free parking space. It all comes down to your personal needs and preferences.


When searching for a B&B inn, location is another relevant detail to keep in mind. See if the guest house is located in a convenient area, near the city centre or any other destination of your choice. However, you should think about traffic, disruptive noise or crowds at the same time. Research the topic and see if the inn is highlighted by easy accessibility to restaurants, shops or bars.


The fastest way to decide on a B&B inn is to read some references. Look online for reviews and see if other people have enjoyed their stay at this particular guest house. If you know that the services provided have been adequate one, you can feel safe booking a room. It is important to do your homework, if you want to avoid any possible inconveniences. Keep all of these details in mind, and you will definitely make the best decision. If you choose wisely, you will be able to enjoy your trip to the fullest.

As you can see, a bed and breakfast inn could be the perfect alternative for a short trip or a romantic getaway. Research the topic and start looking for the best B&Bs in town. Consider these few details before deciding on an inn or another.

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